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Welcome to our website

This is the official website of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP)

Dear members of EAWOP, dear colleagues and friends,

It is a great honor and pleasure to serve the work and organizational psychology community in Europe as president of EAWOP. Together with my highly committed colleagues in the Executive Committee we aim to contribute to the advancement of research and practice in Work and Organizational psychology through our various activities, foremost the bi-annual conference (be sure to check

EAWOP is currently the leading European association when it comes to evidence-based insights regarding people, work and organization. With the Executive Committee we look forward to making this great association even better, but we need your help. In particular, in the next years, we want to explore how we can have more impact on decision making in organizations and society. Our discipline is generating so many valuable insights and practices but these remain ofter underutilized. We also want to intensify our efforts to build bridges between researchers and practitioners, but also between nationalities and cultures. Finally, as the scientific approach is core to our identity, we seek to enhance the robustness of the insights we report in our academic journals and the evidence we use as underpinnings of our organizational practices.

Please use the opportunities offered by this website as well as contact me and the other EC members directly to share concerns, start initiatives and build stronger networks.

I look forward to any chance to meet and discuss with you,

Frederik Anseel

EAWOP President


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