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Congress Keynote Presentations 

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Congress Keynote Interviews 

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Deanne Den Hartog, The University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Eva Derous, Ghent University, Belgium


Ute Hülsheger, Maastricht University, Netherlands


Lourdes Munduate Jaca, University of Seville


Michelle Ryan, University of Exeter Doctoral College, UK


Dieter Zapf, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany


Daan van Knippenberg

Susan Fiske interview

Jacqueline Coyle-Shapiro

Karina Nielsen

Magnus Sverke

Zeynep Aycan


Effectively employing mindfulness interventions at work

Introductory video

Ute Hülsheger

Marina Grazier

Improved performance through enhanced communication: Getting bosses and staff to talk


Deidre O'Shea

Kathryn Waddington

Sarah Brooks

Gintaras Chomentauskas

Angela Carter

Helen Baron