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Specialised Certificate

Actual status

The pilot test and the revised proposal of standards for the Specialist Certificate in W&O Psychology were approved by EAWOP and EFPA General Assemblies, respectively in Munster, in May 2013, and in Stockholm, in September 2013.

In 2014 EFPA established the W&O Psychology Specialist European Awarding Committee (S-EAC) and the materials useful to start with the project in all European countries were finalized.

In the previous pages of this website, individual W&O psychologists can download informative materials to know more about the history of the EuroPsy Specialist Certificate and the standards and requirements. In this page EAWOP Constituents can download useful materials related to the application to establish a W&O Specialist National Awarding Committee (S-NAC) and to inform their own members about the W&O Specialist Certificate.

Click here to download the Guide for Implementation of a S-NAC 

Click here to download the W&O FAQs  

Click here to download the complete 2013 final proposal of standards for the W&O Specialist Certificate

In order to develop and submit an application, and to compose a S-NAC that is representative of the widest community of W&O psychologists in the country, EAWOP constituent are invited to contact and collaborate with EFPA Constituents (or Member Association). Click here to see the EFPA Member Associate in your country

At present, three countries (Finland, Norway and Spain) applied to establish a S-NAC, and other countries showed interest to do it shortly.

To get information on how to prepare and submit a proposal to launch the W&O Specialist Certificate in your country, please download and consult documents available on this pages. For any request or information, write at