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Keynote Videos

The current page includes the videos of Keynote speakers given in past EAWOP congresses.

Deanne Den Hartog, The University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Title: The good, the bad and the ugly: Ethical and unethical forms of leadership in the workplace


Eva Derous, Ghent University (Belgium)

Title: Hiring discrimination: When your resume is (not) turning you down


Ute Hülsheger, Maastricht University, Netherlands

Title: Mindfulness@Work: What we know … and what we don’t know


Mika Kivimaki, University College London

Title: Psychosocial factors at work and health - what have we learned from mega-studies?


Lourdes Munduate Jaca, University of Seville

Title: Conflict management in the changing world of work


Michelle Ryan, University of Exeter Doctoral College

Title: How context and identity constrain women's career choices


Dieter Zapf, Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany)

Title: Emotion Work In Organisations: Recent Developments And Open Questions.




Daan van Knippenberg, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL)

Title:   Value-Based Leadership


Karina Nielsen, Norwich Business School (UK)

Title:  The role of line managers in making or breaking organizational change interventions


Susan Fiske, Princeton University

Title:  Talking Up and Talking Down: Power of Positive Speaking


Jacqueline Coyle-Shapiro, London School of Economics (UK)

Title:  Managing the Employee-Organisation Relationship in Turbulent Times


Magnus Sverke, Stockholm University (SE)

Title:  Changing employment relations and perceptions of job insecurity: Challenges for employees and leaders


Zeynep Aycan, Koç University (TR)

Title: Leadership for Responsible and Sustainable Environments: Cross-Cultural Perspectives