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EAWOP Lifetime Contribution Awards


EAWOP Congress 2023 in Katowice, Poland

Helen Baron


EAWOP Congress 2019 in Torino, Italy

Henry Honkanen


EAWOP Congress 2017 in Dublin, Ireland

Angela Carter



EAWOP Congress 2015 in Oslo

Karel De Witte 20/5/2015


EAWOP Congress 2013 in Munster

José María Peiró Silla 22/5/2013


EAWOP Congress 2011 in Maastricht

Robert Roe, 28/5/20111 


Best Paper - Science

EAWOP Congress 2023 in Katowice

Elizabeth Jackel, Zerres Alfred, Huffmeier Joachim

"Behavioral antecedents and consequences of (dis-)honesty in negotiation"

Annika Nubold, Uitdewilligen Sjir , Hulsheger Ute, van Quaquebeke Niels

"How can mindfulness promote leaders’ respectful inquiry? Results of three experimental studies"

EAWOP Congress 2019 in Turin

Wu Chia-Huei, Wang Ying, Parker Sharon, Griffin Mark

“Effects of prolonged job insecurity on Big Five personality change”

EAWOP Congress 2017 in Dublin

Christiane Stempel, Thomas Rigotti

"Bad Work – Bad Leaders? Work characteristics as antecedents of abusive supervision" 

EAWOP Congress 2015 in Oslo

Stefan Razinskas, Julia Backmann, Matthias Weiss, Martin Hoegl

"Coping Styles and the Challenge-Hindrance Stressor Framework: An Experience Sampling Study on Their Interacting Role on Daily Job Stress and Work Engagement"

EAWOP Congress 2013 in Munster

Stefan Diestel (Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors, DE), Jürgen Wegge (Technical Univ. of Dresden, DE), & Klaus-Helmut Schmidt (Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors, DE) for their contribution “The moderating role of social context in the relationship between individual job satisfaction and absenteeism: A three-level investigation”

Danielle Tucker (Imperial College, GB), Jane Hendy (Univ. of Surrey, GB), & James Barlow(Imperial College, GB) for their contribution “Tensions of transformational change: When infrastructure transition and service design collide”

Best Paper - Science & Practice

EAWOP Congress 2023 in Katowice

Carina Keller, Bechtoldt Myriam, Kreutzer Karin

"Not us, not now: Why the climate crisis is not perceived as a corporate crisis"

Charlie Eyre, Yarker Jo, Lewis Rachel

"Managing the Negative Effects of Mobile Technology Out-Of- Hours Work Demands. A Systematic Literature Review and Co- Design of a Prototype Toolkit."

Matthias Hudecek, Grunwald Klara C., Fischer Peter, Rockinger Regina, Wolff Julius, Cecil Julia, Gaube Susanne, Lermer Eva

"AI, will you hire me? Perception of AI-assisted recruiting systems in the context of assessment centers"

EAWOP Congress 2019 in Turin

Sjiera de Vries  

“Syrian refugees in Dutch organizations”

EAWOP Congress 2017 in Dublin

Klaus Harnack

"The influence of adult playfulness on negotiation and collective decision making"

EAWOP Congress 2015 in Oslo

Mano Ramakrishnan

"Lessons from Asia: 5 Paradoxes of Leadership Development"

EAWOP Congress 2013 in Munster

Autumn Krauss (Sentis, US), Tristan Casey (Sentis, US), Karolina Stasiak (Sentis, US) for their contribution “Implementing and evaluating a global psychologically based safety training intervention”

Joachim Schroer (tivian GmbH, DE), Frank Gehring (tivian GmbH, DE), Hannah Rexroth(tivian GmbH, DE), Simone Weltzin (tivian GmbH, DE) for their contribution “Engagement, health, and employee surveys: The JDR in organizational research”

Best Poster Award - Science

EAWOP Congress 2023 in Katowice

Phebe Driebergen, & Schmid Mast Marianne

"Sex Differences in the Hierarchy : An Experimental Study on Nonverbal Communication Behavior Adaptability."

EAWOP Congress 2019 in Turin

Bharadwaj Anupama, Dunlop Patrick, Parker Sharon, Straker Leon

“An investigation of work design and individual differences as antecedents of employee moral disengagement.”

EAWOP Congress 2017 in Dublin

Guihyun Park, Kenneth Tai, Jia Hao Goh, Hui Si Oh

"The Ripple Effect: Basis of Social Exclusion and Team Creativity" 

EAWOP Congress 2015 in Oslo

Nathalie Marie Delobbe, Martin Lauzier

"Exploring the relationship between presenteeism and organizational performance: role of need for recovery, job satisfaction and organizational procedural justice"

EAWOP Congress 2013 in Munster

Stefanie Susanne Beck (Univ. of Georgia, Athens, US), Lillian T. Eby (Univ. of Georgia, Athens, US), Charles E. Lance (Univ. of Georgia, Athens, US), Brian J. Hoffman (Univ. of Georgia, Athens, US), Robert P. Mahan (Univ. of Georgia, Athens, US), & Lisa van der Werff (Dublin City Univ., IE) for their poster “Leaders as role models: The relationship between leader and follower organizational citizenship behaviors.


M. Esther Garcia Buades (Univ. of Balearic Islands, ES), Silvia Ortiz Bonnin (Univ. of Balearic Islands, ES), Amparo Caballer Hernandez (Univ. of Valencia, ES), Dieter Zapf (Goethe-Univ. Frankfurt, DE) for their poster “A multi-level analysis of the moderating role of supportive team climate in the emotion work- emotional exhaustion relationship”

Best Poster Award - Science & Practice

EAWOP Congress 2023 in Katowice

Kristine Olson, Ortiz Erin, Jacobsen Joelle, Cloward Mitchell

"The Efficacy of Servant Leadership with Hospital Employees"

EAWOP Congress 2019 in Turin

Hamilton Leah, El Hazzouri Mohammed

“Using attributional retraining to improve immigrants' job search strategies”

EAWOP Congress 2017 in Dublin

Alexander T. Jackson, Satoris S. Culbertson, Edgar E. Kausel, Michael E. Young

"The Impact of Escalation Decisions on Investments, Anger, and Confidence Over Time"