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2022 Legacy

Legacy of Glasgow 2022 Conference

As you may know, It is with great regret that we had to announce that EAWOP 2022 Congress in Glasgow has had to be cancelled.

We have listened carefully to our delegates and speakers, we have looked at government advice and recognise that as a result of the Omicron variant, there are new and serious implications for travel, but far more importantly, there are potentially very serious implications for the health and wellbeing of participants if the congress goes ahead.
We know that there was huge appetite for a face-to-face event. Over 1300 people have registered and we are sorry to disappoint those who had enthusiastically invested in their submissions and were looking forward to the event. We waited as long as we could in the hope that the situation would improve and allow us to go ahead but it is clear that this is not possible.
Please accept our heartfelt apology that under current circumstances and despite every effort we are no longer able to safely deliver what we believe would have been an exceptional event.

The official Comgress Cancellation Message from the EAWOP President, Frederik Anseel, can be watched here:

We would like to thank all the people who worked so hard to create an exciting and inspiring congress. This includes our invited speakers and workshop leaders who had put so much into making the EAWOP 2022 programme so stimulating, all those who submitted papers to the event and the many reviewers who helped with decision making. We also thank our sponsors, including the City of Glasgow and the volunteer and professional organisers as well as the staff of the British Psychological Society for the long hours spent developing the congress. 

In this vein, we have built a Glasgow Conference Legacy Document, which includes the presentations and workshop contributions to the Congress that participants kindly shared with us. It is available for download here

You can also consult the Congress Awards here.



EAWOP 2022 Workshop Programme – Legacy Events

A number of our congress workshop providers have kindly agreed to run their workshop as an on-line event. Only EAWOP members will be able to book and while preference will be given to those who originally booked these events during registration, anyone can put their name forward. There is no cost to attend but please do not sign up for more than 2 workshops. The first set of workshops to be organised is as follows and this link will take you to a detailed description of these workshops.