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Volunteers for Summer School Related Activities


Belgin Okay-Somerville is an assistant professor of Human Resource Management at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow, UK. Her research interests include employability, skills utilisation and job quality, career transitions, chance events and employee wellbeing, especially among younger workers. Belgin’s a committee member of the Academy of Management Teaching and Learning conference.
Deirdre O'Shea is Senior Lecturer and Programme Chair of the MSc programmes in work and organisational psychology/behaviour at the University of Limerick, Ireland. She is a chartered psychologist and Fellow of the Psychological Society of Ireland. Deirdre received her PhD from Dublin City University in 2011, awarded with no amendments. Her research focuses on self-regulation, work motivation, and well-being with a particular focus on daily diary interventions. She has published her research in a range of academic journals and received the 2017 European Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology best paper award. She is a member of her national psychological society’s Division of Work and Organisational Psychology (DWOP) committee, and was a Programme Committee member for the 2017 EAWOP congress.
Hi, this is Lara Batistella! I actually live in Turin (Italy) but I grew up in the beautiful Bassano del Grappa, a small town near Venice. I am hungry for books, travel passionate and HR lover. I am now on my internship in the University of Turin, I am really enjoying my academic life but next year I would try the professional career to better understand this world completely. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much“ became my every day motto a few years ago: people make the place in every situation and it couldn’t be a better place to stay.
Hi! My name is Shima Kia and I have studied Work and Organisational Psychology in The Netherlands. I am a self-employed Recruitment Consultant and feel very passionate about bringing science and practice closer together. EAWOP has great value for me and I am sure for many others too. By volunteering, I want to contribute to the continuity of our organisation.
Vera Lazanaki is a PhD candidate in Organizational Psychology and Behavior at the Athens University of Economics and Business. She holds a postgraduate diploma in Human Resource Management from the Athens University of Economics and Business and she is a Psychology graduate from the University of Athens. She works as a psychologist in a private psychiatric clinic, she teaches Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management at the Athens Metropolitan College and e-learning courses at the Athens University of Economics and Business and the University of Piraeus. Her research interests focus on interpersonal conflicts at work, relationships between employees and employee burnout. She is a volunteer in Job-Pairs.